Society: Patrick Ngbanga denounces the attempt at politicization against the company Kibali Gold

Patrick Ngbanga Letea, investigative journalist in the Great Lakes Region denounces the attempt to politicize the company Kibali Gold ...

The investigative journalist and editor in charge of the newspaper "expression" and Administrator of the Afric @ -DRC Group, steps up to denounce what he describes as an attempt at politicization against the mining company in the Great Space. Oriental called “Kibali-Gold”.

In a brief interview given to your news site this Monday, June 21, 2021 in Kinshasa, Patrick Ngbanga said he was surprised by the bad campaign carried out by some civil society leaders in this space who accuse Kibali Gold of being at the head of blocking the development of this part of the country.

“If several investors and banks are now operational in this part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is thanks to the managerial capacity of the leaders of this mining company. If Kibali -Gold put the baton in the wheel of the local coaches ... the provincial deputies, nationals as well as the senators would already denounce that ”, he underlined.

In the provinces of Haut Hulé and Ituri, compared to other provinces that the miners are exploring and exploiting, he has innovations following Kibali-Gold which is an exemplary company because, he explains, everyone world which had its concession or its house received some and it had also paid off the debt of its employees. Let us keep in mind that the Kibali company, respects its specifications vis-à-vis the Congolese State and civil society partners. Moreover, it promotes the entrepreneurship of Congolese youth. Don't vilify Kibali-Gold for free, added Patrick Ngbanga.

This seasoned journalist, further clarified that when a mining company does a good deed, it should be encouraged, instead of trying in front of the authorities to vilify them instead of applauding it. By doing a little comparative analysis: no company in Greater Katanga publishes its report, but there are several mining companies, but all these companies are not vilified ...

"I think that the youth of the former Eastern Province must seize this opportunity by uniting their last force kibali-Gold and not allow themselves to be manipulated by political actors of bad taste who seek to position themselves" he concluded.

Augustin DARAMA

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